The Little Blue Book of WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH (2019)

Authored and published by ADA Australia for Australian workplaces and workplace law.

There is a clear correlation between unhealthy workplace environments and profound injury - sometimes lifelong - to the mental health and wellbeing of those affected. Besides risk of breach of Australian Workplace Law and compliance obligations under The Act, unreasonable behaviours, excessive demands, role conflict, bullying and other negative workplace practices and behaviours, discourages and drains engagement, commitment, and productivity. It is simply fact that a workplace with a poor workplace culture is an uncomfortable place to work, and the best people will quickly begin looking for the door.

This publication, authored by Tim O'Brien ADA Australia, examines the correlation between unhealthy workplace environments (excessive hours, bullying, unreasonable demands, low job control, etc.) and psychological injury .

It provides easily-read practical advice and strategies for fostering positive workplace cultures and work systems, for recognising psychological injury - work stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression - and for assisting people at risk.

It is an indispensable aid to any business seeking advice, strategies and solutions for building a positive workplace culture and for improved work systems and best-practice management for a mentally healthy workplace.

Available inexpensively in individual copies, and discounted for multiple copies for you and your team leaders and key people (or those with an eye to leadership). ADA Australia also provides both face-to-face and online training workshops focussed on positive practices and strategies for improved workplace mental health. Contact us for more information.

The Little Blue Book of WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH (2019)


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