Ada Australia


ADA Australia commits to always provide exceptional service and support to clients; to provide through our training and engagement services robust resources, information and advice; and to adhere unreservedly to Australian consumer law in the management of our services and service delivery.

We are committed to:

Continually developing and improving our products, resources, training delivery and helpline services
An inclusive and diverse training environment, always guided by respect and always principled in all we do
Regularly reviewing our policies, processes, and practices to accord with best-practice health and safety principles
A supportive, safe work environment and culture, unreservedly committed to the wellbeing of staff, clients and training participants
Ensuring that all ADA Australia people, our trainers, our helpline team and staff are appropriately trained and supported 
Ensuring that our people and clients can thrive in a positive atmosphere of respect, equity, fairness, and consideration
Ensuring that any concerns or complaints related to the services we provide, and any ADA Australia activities, are resolved quickly and equitably 

If you are concerned that our service has not met your expectations, we welcome your feedback.  

We undertake to always respond to such feedback respectfully, constructively and confidentially to better understand how we might improve our service and how we might address any such grievance to the satisfaction of both parties.

If you feel that your feedback or complaint has not been handled satisfactorily, we commit to seeking external mediation acceptable to both parties to arrive at an agreed resolution.