Ada Australia


We accept climate science and commit unreservedly to sustainable practices for a cleaner, greener, more just world, and for the more equitable sharing of resources with all.

We recognise that the challenge sits with us – with business, government and the community – to seek solutions to greenhouse-gas emissions, environmental degradation and waste. We thus commit to continuously monitor and improve ADA Australia’s environmental practices, through a commitment to reducing consumption and waste from our activities, to always seeking to recycle and reuse. 

We commit to affirmative action for more sustainable practices across our business activities and to actively seek to off-set such activities through our support of Bush Heritage Australia, World Wide Fund For Nature, the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the Australian Koala Foundation. 

We strive to continually improve our environmental practices through:

Fostering a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility
Reducing our own waste generally, and, in particular, seeking to minimise landfill waste 
Promoting a policy of reuse and recycling among ADA Australia employees
Encouraging practices to reduce waste, including sorting and recycling materials, donating used technology equipment, putting drinking water taps in place and reducing food waste
Raising awareness of, and commitment to, good environmental practices among ADA Australia employees
Incorporating environmental considerations into choices we make around purchasing, energy suppliers, transport, logistics and other service providers
Committing to waste-minimisation practices, to reducing unnecessary consumption, to recycling, and to avoiding wasteful products and damaging plastics 
Keeping environmental considerations in mind when designing activities or providing services 
Reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainability and the more equitable sharing of limited global resources for a more just world