Ada Australia

Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. Alcohol and Drug Awareness Australia Pty Ltd (T/A ADA Australia) commits unreservedly to its obligations under Australian law and National Privacy Principles legislation.

We do not use nor disclose personal information and warrant that any personal information we hold is managed within legal and ethical considerations and maintained in a secure location as per the requirements of The Privacy Act (1988), and the National Privacy Principles included in The Act (Private Sector) Amendment Act (2000).

Personal information collected by ADA Australia is for the purpose of the provision of training services and resources, as per ADA Australia’s primary business activity. Personal information collected as a result of engagements with ADA Australia’s Helpline services is retained only in so far as such retention is of benefit to the individual, and always, without exception, de-identified for reporting purposes. No personal data will ever be released nor shared with third parties for any form of commercial gain.

Clients using ADA Australia’s Friendly Ear Helpline service can be assured that use of such services is confidential and anonymous. Anything discussed or disclosed is fully protected by the therapeutic relationship – our operators are ethically, professionally and legally bound to respect confidentiality. Any personal notes or information held by ADA Australia from such engagements is for the single purpose of protection of the health and wellbeing of the client. Such information will never be shared without an individual’s full knowledge and consent. (The instances where an Operator is legally required to report/share information is when a person has threatened harm to themselves, harm to another, or in situations involving danger, abuse or potential risk to a child.)

ADA Australia welcomes your comments and feedback; for any concerns or questions regarding this Statement of Privacy, please contact ADA Australia at