Let's answer some questions

Have questions about Forest? We've got all the answers you need.

Why should I buy Forest?

It's simple. Forest gives you the power to rapidly concept and build your own Webflow websites. Clone standard components into an unlimited amount of projects. Easily edit our components and integrate them into your own designs to save hours, time and time again. Use Forest to achieve consistency within and throughout your suite of designs.

How much is Forest and where can I buy it?

Forest is available for purchase on the Webflow Marketplace for $49.00.

Purchasing this product through the Webflow Marketplace means you are purchasing a high quality product, due to Webflow's stringent quality assurance processes.

Do you offer support for using this product?

If you're experiencing issues with a component or notice something isn't working as intended, please drop us a line. Our support available extends to technical issues and the intended working order of our components. However, please note - the design process is uniquely individual. Consequently, we are unable to assist you with creative design support.

You can contact us through the template support channel on our templates page or by emailing tom@flowbase.co

How do I edit / use these components?

All components have unique and clear classes to match the type of component. This will help you to edit components with ease, without the risk of impacting other elements.

All components can be cloned from the root symbol and fit straight into your project with our standard 1140px container and 5% section padding. You can edit these are required.

Are all elements customisable?

All of our components and templates were built using Webflow. That means you can customize them as much as you would like inside of Webflow. Learn more about how to customise Webflow sites at the Help Center

Accelerate your development workflow with cloneable interface elements and components.