Walking The Talk On Workplace Wellbeing - Orora Group

October 27, 2023

Matthew Simons - BPsych (Hons)

The global packaging manufacturer, distributor and visual communication solutions company, Orora Group, “walks the talk” when it comes to taking action around protecting the wellbeing of its people.

Over the past couple of months, ADA Australia has been providing training to Orora people leaders – managers, supervisors and team leaders – to promote better understanding of drugs and alcohol (and addictive behaviours) on both physical and mental wellbeing and on the workplace risks posed by these substances.

This training shines a light on the policies, practices and behaviours expected under the Workplace Drugs and Alcohol Policy and on obligations to always present ‘fit for work’.

It also puts a focus on warning signs, recognising struggle, understanding the impact of these substances on vital organs (and on their detection periods) and on how to broach a conversation to assist and support someone who may be struggling.

A Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy is a legal document which confers obligations on both employees and management, and should be both familiar and understood in its detail by everyone at the workplace.

It also produces a practical benefit to work teams and culture. Promoting better understanding of workplace obligations around drugs and alcohol, and of the short and longer-term impacts on judgment, capability and wellbeing, is not only good for the health and wellbeing of everyone at the workplace, but can also contribute to building a stronger team culture and a safer work environment.

Building an inclusive, supportive workplace takes effort and commitment. But is rewarded with less absenteeism, more engaged workers and higher productivity across the organisation. All of which produces a bottom-line benefit to the enterprise.

Whether around AOD or better understanding of mental health and psychological injury at work, training your managers, delegates, or people leaders is a logical place to start. It can be a first step to improving awareness and getting the culture right, from the Boardroom to the warehouse door.

If you’d like to learn more about this program, or any of the other training programs we offer, please call ADA Australia on 1300 378 429 or email: enquiry@adaaus.com.au

Additionally, if this information raised any concerns for you, please do speak to your GP, they can help you back to good health, or call a helpline: LIFELINE 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue 1300 22 4636.

Article by
Matthew Simons - BPsych (Hons)