ADA Australia’s ‘Well Connect’ App: 24/7 Support (In Your Pocket)

September 12, 2023

Matthew Simons - BPsych (Hons)

ADA Australia is proud to announce that its new ‘Well Connect’ app is launched, and now available to all ADA Australia clients. It contains all of ADA Australia’s information and support around mental health and alcohol and drug use – and it sits right in your pocket, accessible 24/7 for anytime you need that little bit of extra support.

The ADA ‘Well Connect’ app carries a range of resources including a new wellbeing audit tool, the ‘Seven Flags Wellbeing Monitor’, as well as a new Let’s Chat option which links users directly to our Friendly Ear support service, and crisis support services.

The ‘Seven Flags Wellbeing Monitor’ prompts users to monitor their practices around alcohol and drug use, as well as work-life balance, workload stress, sleep practices, nutrition and more. It can help recognise when things may be a little astray and it too provides a direct connection to our Friendly Ear chatline (as well as crisis support).

It also contains information, advice and resources that users of ADA Australia’s online Worker Wellbeing Hub will be familiar with: sharp and informative five-minute videos on suicide prevention, unreasonable behaviours, depression and anxiety; plus advice and information around dependent drinking, addiction and much more.  

At ADA Australia, we take pride in our in-person training and Friendly Ear service, they are the key support mechanisms that help us foster close relationships with our clients. The Well Connect App extends this support to an easily accessed 24/7 service.

We are keen to assist your organisation to promote the availability of the ‘Well Connect’ app to your valued people; we are more than happy to help with information, articles, news blasts, eMessaging and attending at informal gatherings to get the word out.

If you have any queries around your new ‘Well Connect’ app, or for training enquiries, please call us on 1300 378 429 or email:

Article by
Matthew Simons - BPsych (Hons)