ADA Australia – Partnering with Prahran Psychology Clinic

September 18, 2023

Matthew Simons - BPsych (Hons)

ADA Australia's Friendly Ear Support Service is available 24/7 – any hour, any day, to all ADA Australia clients: to company employees, contractors, casual staff, trainees, apprentices and others.

It is also available free of charge as a touchpoint for partners, families and others living with and impacted by addiction, mental health disorders, gambling and other challenges.

Our operators are trained to correctly manage the situation and to respond appropriately. Our commitment is to always have the client’s health and wellbeing – and their needs – as our absolute priority.

When a friendly ear call needs to be escalated, we always seek to ensure that we can advise our clients around expert services available where they will find safe and caring hands (and we can assist them in accessing this support).

For this reason, ADA Australia is pleased to announce a partnership with the Prahran Psychology Clinic.

To understand this new partnership, please read the following testimonial from Dean Janover – Director and owner of Prahran Psychology Clinic.

“At Prahran Psychology, we believe that experience matters. We have the industry and life experience that counts when it comes to helping you. Our dedicated team has helped thousands of people over the 14 years we have been running.

“We understand that seeking help is not always easy and pride ourselves on being able to make the process easier for you. Mental health and drug and alcohol issues are often seen as so daunting to address, that people put off getting help for way too long. This can only make things worse, so starting off with a simple call to us can make a world of difference and hopefully change your life for the better.

“You will find that we can help to uncomplicate things and provide you with a clear path to a more fulfilling life. Through counselling, you can expect to have a better understanding of what you are dealing with, including a possible diagnosis.

“From there it's all about developing the insights and strategies that will essentially help you to get out of your head and into life. You may be surprised at how little time counselling can actually take to make a big difference to your life.

“Our advice is to just give it a go. If you have read (ADA Australia’s) Little Blue Book, opened up a conversation with someone, or are thinking about how to change, then you have already gone further on the journey than you think. The next step is to supercharge your recovery by putting yourself in the capable hands of the professionals at Prahran Psychology.”

If you would like to learn more about the Prahran Psychology Clinic and the services they provide, please visit their website at:

Additionally, if this information raised any concerns for you, please do speak to your GP, they can help you back to good health, or call a helpline: LIFELINE 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue 1300 22 4636.

Article by
Matthew Simons - BPsych (Hons)