New additions to the ADA Worker Wellbeing Hub

June 9, 2022

Matthew Simons

ADA Australia is pleased to announce a brand new range of five-minute videos which are now appearing on the ADA Worker Wellbeing Hub. 

This will give subscription clients and their worker cohorts access to sharp and informative five-minute videos on suicide prevention, unreasonable behaviours, depression, anxiety, dependent drinking, addiction and many more in production.

Also, soon to be launched is ADA Australia’s Wellbeing Podcasts, providing a range of audio reads drawing on the content from ADA’s LITTLE BLUE BOOKS OF MENTAL HEALTH – each read in bite-sized ‘packages’ of content for convenient access any time, any day.

In other exciting news, our ADA Australia Worker Wellbeing App is in its final stages of development. The app is interactive, holding a live chat option, which will build on and support our Friendly Ear service, and includes a personal wellbeing audit tool, the ‘Seven Flags Wellbeing Monitor’.

When launched, you can expect a follow up announcement with more details around how the App can provide additional wellbeing support to your people (after all, the ‘happiness quotient’ is a bottom line issue).

So, spend a moment and log into your hubs to see our new range of webinars, and, most importantly, a wish from all of us here, “stay safe and be well”.

If you have any queries around your new hub resources or the upcoming Worker Wellbeing App, or for training enquiries, please call us on 1300 378 429 or email:

Article by
Matthew Simons