November 21, 2023

Matthew Simons

ADA AUSTRALIA’S SCHOOLS’ TRAINING PROGRAMS - Getting the message out around the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and how “knowing our values” can protect us.

ADA Australia conducts alcohol and drug awareness programs with a number of secondary schools, providing alcohol and drug awareness training for students from years 8 to 12.

The image above is the set-up of a training program delivered to hundreds of students from years 8 and 9 at Donvale Christian College.

This training is designed to equip younger audiences with some key understandings around drugs (both legal and illegal), as well as examining the dangers of experimenting with substances and of self-medicating (through drink or drugs) for negative feelings of inadequacy or fitting-in.

The program also covers discussion and activities around the importance of “values”; of knowing our values, of building strength of character, and of how our values can act as key protective factors. The training places a focus on recognising when we should reach for help, when we should speak up and being aware of the help and support that is available (through the school, community and support groups).

Although ADA Australia has made its mark in this sector working with adults, we’re just as comfortable and committed to educating young people around substance-use and mental health as we are to our other workplace training initiatives (with some of Australia’s largest companies and key unions). All of our trainers have ‘Working With Children’ certification.

At ADA Australia, we feel we have an important role to play in opening up this difficult topic and getting the conversation going among younger audiences. We have a passion to change the culture around substance-use and mental illness. It begins with young people and our schools, with education and awareness.

The participants in our presentation are taught to recognise their inner strengths, know their own values, be comfortable with their decisions, be alert to the dangers, and have a full understanding of the impacts of drugs and alcohol on people’s lives.

If you’d like to learn more about our schools program, or any of the other training programs we offer, please call ADA Australia on 1300 378 429 or email:

If this information raised any concerns for you, please do speak to your GP, they can help you back to good health, or call a helpline: LIFELINE 13 11 14 or BeyondBlue 1300 22 4636.

Article by
Matthew Simons